Welcome to Kura Kura Villas Candidasa East Bali.

Set at the base of Mount Gumang on the pristine shores of Bali’s east coast, Candidasa is the ideal place to visit for a relaxing holiday and Kura Kura Candidasa Villas is the place to stay.

From Denpasar Airport, it takes approximately 2 hours to drive to Candidasa. Guests will travel out of the busy traffic onto an open 2 lane highway, through rice and corn fields with the ocean on one side and a view of the mountains on the other.

The last 20 km or so, you will drive through the local villages and get a taste of the Balinese lifestyle. If you use a local Balinese driver, he can explain the different districts and sites along the way

150 meters from the beach, Kura Kura Villas offer luxury accommodation built in a traditional Sumatera style with open plan, modern kitchen and living area.

Experience the real Bali and wake up to the sounds of traditional village life in our unique setting.
Enjoy a relaxing Balinese massage, swim in our turtle shaped pool, relax in our tropical gardens, be pampered by our courteous attentive Balinese staff in doing as much as you want, or as little as you like.

There is available a full range of activities such as diving, snorkelling, fishing and trekking which can be arranged.

Within an easy 5 minute stroll of the villas, guests will find a large variety of restaurants, ranging from traditional to international cuisine plus a range of boutique shops.

Bali is located only 8º (890 km) south of the equator. Thus, Balinese weather is tropical - reliably hot and sunny. Daylight is almost always 12 hours long. Sunrise is around 6:20 a.m, Sunset around 6:30 p.m. The daytime lowland temperature averages between 80º F (27ºC) to 90º F (32ºC). It is however, quite humid at about 75% so often times it feels much hotter.

Bali’s tropical monsoon climate has two distinct seasons : dry (between May to September) and wet (between October to April). Monsoon refers to the wind, not the rain. However even in the wet monsoon, in this tropical paradise it is still likely it will be sunny for a good part of the day and any wind won’t spoil a good days activities

Visit Kura Kura Candidasa Villas today to experience the real Bali.

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